SPLT (Substantive Patent Law Treaty)

Gesetzgebungsinitiative innerhalb der WIPO. Wird im "Standing Committee on the Law of Patents" (SCP) verhandelt. Das tagte zuletzt am 23.-27.6. 2008 in Genf und als nächstes im 1. Quartal 2009.

Der G8 Treffen in Japan in 2008 spricht auch von Patenten. Siehe http://www.g8summit.go.jp/eng/doc/doc080709_01_en.html

18. Firmly believing that an efficient and well-functioning IP system benefits countries at all stages of development, we:

   1. (a)  reaffirm the importance of global patent harmonization and expanding international patent collaboration, including accelerated
discussions on the Substantive Patent Law Treaty; and



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Reinier worte on the 2009.03.05:

Three years ago I assisted a meeting in the same (SCP) series, but that
meeting was open to everyone (as an exception). At the time they tried to
revive the languishing SPLT project (Substantive Patent Law Treaty), without
success. Now it seems the WIPO is trying again. I recall several renowned
scholars saying that WW patent law harmonisation is a VERY bad idea. But
WIPO is on earth to promote "harmonisation", and perhaps it has started
again in a fresh mood under its new chairman (with an undisputed birth date

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